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CosmosSI is a company created to meet the needs of customers looking for how to use software and hardware aim to optimize their processes.
Our industry experience is wide, covering all types of projects and types of existing customer in the market. To achieve our goals we rely on our core values:



Within CosmosSI: we take care of the integrity of your project or computerized maintenance organization, from consulting to the development of specific solutions, including its hosting. Choose CosmosSI means ensuring the success and sustainability of implemented solutions. We owe our success largely to always give priority to the relationship with the customer, thanks to our permanent support.
Always listening to the market,
technological advances are varied and necessary to always offer the latest technologies trends, our department Innovation and Development offer cutting edge solutions.


Products y Services

The products and services we offer are as important as they are to our customers

Corim Progress, Corim Business

CMMS GMAO: CORIM Progress and CORIM Business
Both Corim Progress how Corim Business belong to the latest generation of software to manage the maintenance, also known by the acronym CMMS or GMAO . Sectoral specialization is what makes the CMMS CORIM stand out from its competitors.
CosmosSi establishing how representative and official distributor of this GMAO/CMMS.
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Software Consultancy

Software Consultancy
CosmosSi offers through its experience a consultancy service for the realization of projects tailored and customized to the needs of each client.
If you are considering a project in one of the following tools contact us and we will offer the best solution for your needs:

  • DataBase: SQL server, Sybase, Oracle, MySql, XML, Access
  • Mobile: NFC, Android, Apple Swift,QR
  • Interfaces/Software: SAP, AMOS Business Suite, AMOS Enterprise Management

Shop online Hardware

Hardware and Software: Shop online
We make customized technology budgets for your business needs in Hardware or Software.
Nowadays we are working on content to be offered from the web, leave your email at the end of this page to be notified when it is running.
Cosmos Computer Solutions : will offer very competitive prices.
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Innovation y Development (R&D)
Our department works Innovation in providing new solutions to the market following the latest trends or proposals for our customers.
CosmosSi and its R&D offer you a space to collaborate and develop new products.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestions.


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